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eCommerce modules of elShop CMS


Products in web Shop

izdelki v trgovini

Unlimited number od products, posible to arrange in 3 level structure

In elShop you can have 1. product or 10.000 products. Create 3 level structure, that you can use to classify your products. Or you can import  products from Excel/XML. 


neomejeno število artiklov

Filtering throught products

You can define filters and its values, which helps user experience. Add properties to products to ease browsing.


dodatni filtri

Product options 

Specific products are available in more options or variations. Definition of these variations are available in form of 2 extra fields. You for example Color and Size if product is T-shirt. Define colors and sizes ( Blue, Yellow, ) (XL, S, M L ) to inform customers in which variants this product is available. 

elshop spletna trgovina

Unlimited number of content pages and subpages

elshop menijske vsebine

Enostavno kreiranje glavne menijske vrstice

Create header content menus

Spefify which content pages will show in header section and specify which content pages will show in foot section and in which order.

Each content page can have many subpages, which are showen as dropdown menu or seperate as subpages.


Enostavno kreiranje vsebin

Create your content easily

Edit you content as simple as copy / paste, add pictures, videos, tables,... 


Selling Equipment & Modules

Izpostavljeni izdelki


Specify discount for each product or group of products. These products with have %  above specified number can show in special group SALE.



Specify or mark special products. These can mark new arrivals or new products.



Specify products with free delivery. 



Create SALE to get rid off old products. Simply mark products for OUTLET - SALE.



Display user's recently viewed products history. Most important app for any ecommerce site.



Discover the best in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items

Izpostavljeni izdelki in akcije

Promotions banner, ads and sales promotion

Promocije, oglasne pasice in pospeševanje prodaje

oglasne pasice


Simply create attractive banners. Create call to action text on banner and links to products. Everythink can be done without special skils and special programs.



Collert visitor and buyer emails for newsletter campains.


Highlight products

Simply click on product or group of products to highlight them.



Monitor statistic of visits on many leves.

- content pages

- products

- orders

- ....

Or if you like to use google analics, simply put you GA code in our shop and monitor statistics in Google analytics.


Articles, news and events

novice in dogodki

News and Events

Create news and event content. Specify categories and specify pages in which these content is displayed.



Link news to other news, create related news to keep visitors on your page, to get them to goal you wish.


Relate products to news or events

Specify products that relate to news, to boost sale. Google likes unique content like news and events. 


Članki, novice in dogodki

Import XML data and export XML/CSV data for other webshops. (ebay /amazon) 

XML uvozi in izvozi

Prodajajte na Bolhi brez dodatnega vnašanja in urejanja

Create sale on Ebay or Amazon

Simply click on produts or group of products meant for sale on other shops like ebay, amazon or some other webshop. No need for manual input, just export your products in diffrent formats. 


Import products in your Shop from simple Excel sheet or XML file

Get your products from supplier in XML format and you can import them in your Shop. It can be done with Excell sheet too.



Enostavno kreiranje galerij brez FTP nalaganja na server

Create galeries with no effert at all. 

No photoshop needed, no more picture resizing, no more FTP problems. Simply select your pictures and do the croping online. 



ankete v spletni trgovini

Zbirajte odzive in mnenja vaših obiskovalcev

Collect visitors info and act on it

You need to know what is your buyers, visitors opinion. Create polls to collect opinions or information. Monitor answers and act on it.


Social network integration

Povezava z družabnimi omrežji


Connect Facebook to your website / webshop. Expand your bussines to Facebook. Anybody can share posts or products from your webshop on their facebook profile wall for other to see.


Social network for posting links, posts or products from your website / webshop to Google Plus users.


Twitter is common social network for bussines people. Use this social network to expand you bussiness to other people with similar bussines or to expand your bussines with their products. 

Povezava z družabnimi omrežji v programu elShop

SEO (Google, Bing) optimization

SEO (Google) Optimizacija

meta oznake

Meta tags

Modify meta tags for all pages and products. This meta tags are important for google and other search engines. Do not get lost in ocean of websites.


Friendly url

Set friendly URLs for every content you make. This makes your website user friendy as well as SEO frendly. 


Google WebMaster

Webshop is webmaster frendly and basicly ready to use all google products.


Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

You need more?  Use google Tag Manager for every type of conversion or tracking. Tag Manager is allready build in elShop. Just connect your google taga manager with elShop.


Setting up deliveries and payments

plačila in dostave

Free delivery for orders over xx price.

Offer free delivery for order over some sum. Encourage buyers to spend more with special delivery options like more you buy less you pay for delivery.


Payment options

Enable card payments, or payment on delivery in local country. Just use your Ebay account for payment or use payment Gateway like Trust Pay. Define your payment options like  paypay, by invoice, on delivery.


Diffrent delivery options and payments for every country 

Do you deliver in other countries.

Enable delivery in countries of your chooise and define delivery options and available payment in choosen country.

Nastavitev plačil in dostav

Discount codes

Kode za popust v spletni trgovini

Pospešite prodajo s kodami za popust

Boost your sales with discount codes and special offers.

Create diffrent discount codes. Use discount codes to reward loyal customers. Create time-limited discount codes to boost your sale or create common discount codes for invitin new visitor / buyers.


Gift upon order

Darila ob nakupu

Reward your customers with free gift


Define free gifts and define order rules. Buyer will be able to select free gift if order is big enought. 

This small gifts will encourage customers to buy more in order to get free gift.

Darila ob nakupu

Partners pricelist

Partnerski ceniki

Določite vašim partnerjem druge cene

Set up prices for partners or loyal customers

Partners  - special prices / discount. No problem. Define special prices/ pricelists for partners. When they login they allready see their prices. No more phones for simple price information, everything is online.


Loyal customers

Use pricelists for loyal customers. Don't sleep on your success. Lower prices for regular / loyal customers in order to keep them. Don't forget them, they are important as well as new customers are.


PDF offers and proforma invoices upon ordering

Avtomatično generiranje PDF predračunov

Nicely form 'offers' upon ordering and in standard PDF form

Upon every order, customer will receive email with define content and nicely form PDF offer/invoice.  No need for manual actions, everything is allready done, just check selected payment or delivery  and act on it.


Keeping customer informed

Offers can be edited and again and again send to customers for review. 

Can also be used to keep customer in track with its orders. To let customer know, that you received payment, and that customer order is on route or has been dispatch. 


Orders history

Monitor customers orders in order to see number of order customers has made in your webshop. Create customers classification in order to reward customers and encourage them for new orders. 

Avtomatično generiranje PDF predračunov

More than that 

dodatni moduli v elshopu

Mesečne nadgradnje

Regular Updates And New Features

elShop software is constantly evolving and changing to try satisfy customer and buyes needs. Your webshop will neve look dated again. 


Other features

Not everything can be put in words, so there is much more in Elshop that we can describe here.


Video Tutorials and F.A.Q. and personal support

ElShop support comes from a variety of directions and we expect that you'll find whatever you need via our tutorial videos, FAQs, blog, ... If not, shoot us a note or email and we’ll get right on it


Unique Design, Quick Production 

elShop Experts are ecommerce designers, developers and marketers who can help make your online store a huge success. Your webpage will be created within 10 working days.


Buy Without Forced Registration

Many ECommerce sites want buyers to sign up before they buy. Some even force registration (not possible to buy without registering). Long story short: elShop doesn’t do that.


Perfect for beginners and experts alike

Creating your website is a simple, intuitive process. Just add and arrange your content and features anywhere you want with the click of a mouse.


Global Reach & Sell Everywhere



Sell products locally or worldwide. In multiple languages and currencies.


Adoptable TAX Prices and Shipping Rates and Rules

You can set your TAX ans shipment rates and speeds based on your location or region.

Prodaja na tuje trge in večjezikovnost

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info!



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